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Seasonal Docks 




Dock Installation

Get Your Boat Dock in the Water

The ice is off the water, let us help you get your boat dock back in.  Save your time and back and get it done right, contact us today.


Dock Removal 

Winter is Coming, the Boat Dock Needs to Come Out Again!

Ice can absolutely destroy your valuable boat dock, contact Seasonal Docks and get your dock scheduled for removal in time.


New Dock Assembly & Installation

Bought a New Dock and Need Help Putting it Together?

We work on dozens of different boat dock makes, chances are we probably have experience assembling & installing one similar to the boat dock you just purchased.  Contact Seasonal Docks to assemble it.


The Seasonal Docks' Team

Experienced Boat Dock Service Providers

Seasonal Docks, LLC has provided professional boat dock services to New England since 2017.  This business is owned and operated by two U.S. veterans and brothers, Chris & Corey.  
Seasonal Docks also works with many marinas and boat dock manufacturers in assisting their clients with boat dock support.

Contact Seasonal Docks Today!

New England Customers call: 978-895-2278

New York Customers call: 315-826-3137

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